History of Mes Cheries Diamond

          Mes Cheries Diamond is established as an exclusive diamond jewelry brand by SIAM INTERNATIONAL GEMS CO., LTD, jewelry manufacturer and exporter for more than 30 years. Mes Cheries Diamond is created for the finest diamond jewelry by the third generation of family jeweler and gold smith shop.

          Mes Cheries is an original word from French means “My darling or My beloved”. Mes Cheries Diamond is established in order to create meaningful jewelry for every couple and people who are cherish in finest jewelry. Mes Cheries Diamond’s determination, our first priority, is sincerity to customers in order to educate you about the diamond with all important factors and how to choose the perfect diamond which achieves the best standard in order to maximize the value. As we realize how the value of diamond is, it is your authority to gain all important information before choosing your perfect one.

          Mes Cheries Diamond is luxurious fine diamond jewelry which are classic to trendy design in order to maximize our value customer’s satisfaction. Every design has its own character which derived from original Mes Cheries Diamond designer’s inspiration and transformed to create the fine jewelry. And also creating new design upon your requested is also be our pleasure to meet your desirable. Every single piece of Mes Cheries Diamond jewelry is our master pieced as they are carefully made and be paid attention in every process.

          Each diamond has its own character and typical, no matter what the size of diamond is from 0.01ct up to the big size. Therefore, they have to be carefully graded and selected each diamond to create a special jewelry by our high skill craftsman.

          Nowadays, Diamond certificates have become an essential part of diamond trading. We proudly provide you precious diamond with the most two reliable and high reputable Institutions which are GIA (Gemological Institute of America), HRD (The Diamond High Council). And for all diamond at size from 0.30 ct. will be provided with GIA or HRD certificates.

          At Mes Cheries Diamond, every piece of jewelry is considered as our master piece which is delicately made and only high quality of diamond with excellent cut is selected to be set on our jewelry. As only excellent cut could generate the maximize radiance of diamond. Consequently, your diamond is precious thing that will last for a life time.

          The wedding ceremony is very important event for every couple in a life time. Therefore, finding your perfect engagement ring is very delicate and sensitive issue. Mes Cheries Diamond has strongly intention to acknowledge a couples about diamond and wedding jewelry which is suitable them the most with comfort and friendly environment as a bride & groom’s best friend. Inspired by the lovers will be our inspiration to create them a memorable and meaningful jewelry as we love to be a part of your sweetest moment that will last for a life time.

          "The sweetest moment that will last for a life time"